Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 13

Onward at The Living Desert ...

At one stop along the zoo trail was a hut with drums.  Irresistible to some.

Along came other band members and they were really 'jamming'.

 One particular participant was a real cutie and quite the showman.

One of the favourite sections of The Living Desert was the petting zoo.  

Very laid back animals just waiting to be petted and pose for a picture or two.

All animals in the zoo appear to be quite happy, healthy and again I say happy.

I love animals but don't appreciate the sub-standard or cruel care they receive at other tourist areas I have seen in the past.  Not the case here.  All are happy, happy, happy.

Love these umbrellas made of palm tree leaves.

Aren't they intricate?
What workmanship!

 Alongside the petting zoo were these beasts.  I forget the name of them, but get a load of those horns!  They swing their heads around not to ward off flies ... but to move the blood in the capillaries INSIDE their horns.  God's way of supplying these animals with a form of cooling system.  Amazing!
Apparently they rarely hit each other as they swing their horns about.  I would hate to be struck by one of those prods.

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