Friday, June 4, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 7

Back to our vacation ... I didn't get many pictures of the magnificent kitchen ... we were too busy using all the different gadgets, dishes, glasses and SPACE to trouble ourselves with pictures.

It was grand indeed.

Off the kitchen was an eating area.  The chairs and table was extra high which proved to be a bit of a safety feature.

After breakfast one morning, hubby was pushing in the chairs when he spied a dry leaf under the table.  He wanted to keep everything neat and tidy, so he leaned down to pick it up.
 To his great surprise, the leaf turned into a baby scorpion!

After a quick picture, we sucked him up into the vacuum cleaner.  We had never seen one of these little beasties before, and it gave us quite a start.  After some googling, we have found that these scorpions only have the poison of an ant or bee sting.  Still, we were careful to scan the floor from then on.
Off of the kitchen eating area, was a very comfortable familyroom.  Recliner chairs for TV watching and gas fireplace for coziness.

Large flat screen TV with DVD player and a booming Bose speaker system.  In this cabinet were many books and DVDs to choose from.

I loved the palm leaf fan above us in the family room.  It was massive.

The pool and hot tub area were lighted up at night for a really cool effect both for swimming and just looking at.

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