Monday, June 7, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 8

This weekend was filled with fun and sun and stuff, so I neglected to post anything on my blog.  But the weather has turned dreary and cool again today and with everyone else from the household gone off to work, I will steal a bit of time to share more of Palm Springs.
One of wonders of Palm Springs was their architecture.  A lot of stucco (I suppose this is because of the abundance of sand and lack of evergreen trees).  Many many buildings had tile roofs and many used chandeliers for exterior use.  Moisture is not an issue there.

In our travels we visited what is known as The River.  Basically a high class outlet mall with clothing shops and restaurants.

We ventured to take dinner in PF Changs ... A Chinese Bistro!

I was too conscious of my camera flash needed to take pictures in the mood lighted eatery, but did snap one shot of the tea pot used to serve us our green tea.  It appeared old, used and metal.  Neat ... Is 'neat' even used any more?
We had an abundance of left overs ... even their take out bag was neat.

Next we happened upon The Cheesecake Factory.  Not for more dinner, of course.

We aren't pigs you know.
But to experience dessert ... Vacation style

Being thoroughly full, however, we opted to 'take out' our cakes ... Everyone tried a different one.  Being diabetic is not fun on vacation OR in real life, but I splurged and devoured a no-sugar strawberry topped cheesecake.  Even with no sugar it boasted some 400 - 500 calories.  But it was SO worth it.

Here is Hubby and I BEFORE entering the Factory.  We looked stuffed already.

I liked their use of tile at the entry way.

And their lighting fixture.

Oh those Palm Springs-ians saw this Canadian tourist coming from a mile away!

The River was certainly a place you should check out when you go south ... or west ... or north ... or

One last memory for today ... Palm Springs is VERY dry and hot.  Temperatures in the summer months reach 120 degrees.  Yikes.  One of the ways the natives function is the frequent use of misters.  Out from the sides of many buildings you are 'misted' with a veil of fine water droplets.  Not enough to leave water trickling down your arms, or reduce you hair to 'a drained rat appearance', but just enough to lower the temperature some 20 degrees.
Sheer bliss.

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