Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The End of Flinging Manure

It's the end
of an era.


No more
flinging manure
with the antique manure spreader.

It was time for it to go.

For years we made use of her spreading ability, then we humbled her by sticking decorative plants in her belly and using her as a flower pot.  How degrading.

And today they took her away.

Strapped her with a belt and hoisted her body up.

And in a matter of moments,

she was on a stranger's truck ready to take the voyage to her new home.

And all because of small ad posted on Craig's List.
I sold our old friend for less than 30 pieces of silver.

A mere Fifty $macker$

And her absence frees up yet another patch of grass needing to be mowed.

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