Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Pinged ... It Ponged

It seems like I am on a roll with Craig's List.

I put a few more items up for sale, and today I received two phone calls within mere minutes of each other.  Both insisting they wanted my ping pong table.

At this point everyone knows that the 'First Comes, First Served' rule kicks in.

 #1 shows up with his friend in a sporty red Jeep equipped with roll bars.  My dogs are confused by such an open air machine and do their share of barking and 'herding'.

Once the man passes me five crumbled $20 bills, the canines sense my contentment, and lay down under a tree in the shade.

Somehow the boys strap the table on to the roof-less roof of their Jeep, and then with a wave from me, they head back to Surrey.

Probably a very interesting ride as they hurtled down the freeway!


I was left in the driveway
holding a cool fan of twenties.

What a wonderful life!

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