Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weeds Glorious Weeds

I LOVE living on our five acre mini farm.  It has served us well when we had the horses years ago, the quota of laying hens, our many many dogs and also, yet most importantly, the raising of the kids (children not goats!)

But with an acreage you also have the never ending work that it takes to sustain it. But we have been here for 15 years now and it has been worth the trouble.

One of the jobs we have now is the mowing of about 4 acres of it.  No horses to munch it down now, and living in the Fraser Valley of beautiful green British Columbia, the grass ... well it keeps growing.  We try to be chemical free for the most part, especially in the vegetable beds, but I believe that the time has come to spread some weed kill on the fields.

Johnnie-Girl often helps with the mowing of the fields, and last night she attacked the front field ... about one acre.

Look how high the weeds have progressed.  Almost as high as the front of the mower.

At this point I must give a bit of a confession speech ... About a week ago I accidentally ran over a rubber dog toy with the John Deere.  NOT GOOD.  What a clunk that made!  The mowing mechanism came to a complete stop and there I was.  I whimpered back to the garage, and readied my speech to the husband.

I am fortunate to report that I am married to the most patient and understanding hubby around.  Never an unkind ... even when deserved ... word.  Just patience and understanding.
$75 for a new belt and a few hours last night of hubby dismantling and then rebuilding the John Deere.  And it works like a charm.  Yeah hubby!

During the past week or so the weeds in the fields have multiplied and almost overcome the pretty acreage.  Johnnie-Girl and I shared cutting down half of the fields, and hopefully will complete the task tonight.

That taken care of we still have the large gravel drive way to deal with.  Lots of parking is a total plus when we invite the church family over for a picnic, but a major negative when it come to weed control.  We usually just pull them out, but I think after that we will have to do the chemical thing again.

How are your weeds?

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