Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I was looking over a few blogs that I frequent and found information on this most innovative STREETWISE PLANE.  Not quite the level of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that we were introduced to many years ago, but totally cool none the less. 

For just under $200,000 you can have one of these flying machines in your driveway.

Fueled by regular gasoline you purchase from your neighbourhood gas pump, this little baby is the wave of the future.

With 20 - 40 hours of air flight training, you can soar with the greatest of ease to destinations of your dreams.

The Transition by Terrafugia is definitely on my wish list.

Said to have comfortable seating for two, complete with air bags and a dual GPS:  One part road map ... one part air.

Unfortuantely I have already discussed it with my Hubby and he says nix to the idea.

But I would love to see pictures of you in yours!

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