Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Worry ... Be Happy

I love that jingle DON'T WORRY ... BE HAPPY.  That's just what God reminds us to do in His Word and we (or at least me) always forget to do.

If you honestly think about all those so called trials that you have faced in your life, the majority of them are either pretty silly or have worked out to a better end.


"Oh dear, Johnnie-Girl crashed our year old SUV through the garage wall and halfway into the next room."


"Oh my, Dreamer's dream of entering post graduate work in Detroit has been shattered by a single decision made by someone that doesn't even know her."

 "Genius cringed at the very thought of speaking in front of a crowd and now he is a gifted and requested speaker."

"Oh boy, my heart was infected by a rare virus
and now it has the functionality of a 75 year old."
~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
Sing it with me now ... "Don't worry ... Be happy." 

God can help you along any of life's bumps and turns ...

It WILL get better
... probably different than you had planned ...
but most probably better than your wildest dreams.

It is a wonderful life after all.

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