Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roger's 25 Ways to a Happy Life

On August 12, 2010, a dear friend of ours went on to glory.  He left behind him a loving wife, 14 children and many grand kids.

Roger entered our lives some 15 years ago when he showed us a badly run down, fixer upper on five acres and suggested that the property was clearly a diamond in the rough and MADE for us.

Being city slickers for soooo many years before our leap into rural living, our only option was to believe him.  He was right.

We owe him a lot for wrangling us a great deal for the property that even came in much lower than the property assessment.

Over the past many years we have kept in touch, and have many good memories.

At his memorial service, he had asked that they add "Roger's 25 Ways to a Happy Life" to the bulletin.  I present them to you now:

1.  Take you wife out at least once a week --- even if just for coffee
2.  Learn to fly-fish and tie your own flies
3.  Own a convertible for at least one year
4.  Remember other people's birthdays
5.  Plant flowers every spring
6.  Learn three clean jokes
7.  If they created it at camp --- put it on display
8.  Never pass up the chance to buy some lemonade from a kid's stand
9.  Be kind to the poor in spirit and offer a word of encouragement
10.  Learn to identify the work of Rachamaninov, Bach, Mozart, and Sibelius
11.  Never make sport of someone who is trying to make an honest living
12.  Stop blaming others.  Take responsibility of every area of your life
13.  Avoid sarcasm and never take action when you are angry
14.  Make it a habit to do nice things for people anonymously
15.  Compliment at least three people a day --- make one of these your wife
16.  Tell your kids how terrific they are and how proud you are of them
17.  Watch for big problems.  They disguise big opportunities
18.  Take a year, in a half hour a day, to read the entire Bible

19.  Don't buy cheap tools.  Craftsman & Lee Valley tools are the best
20.  Learn to ride an Arabian horse --- then do so whenever you get a chance
21.  Start the day by praying aloud with your wife or a loved one
22.  Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed

23.  Take time to smell the roses, examine the night sky, and watch a sunrise/sunset at least once a season
24.  Don't let kids record your voice mail greeting
25.  Never deprive someone of Hope.  It may be all they have.

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