Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Front Entry Rocks

I live on five rural acres.  With the size of the property, available (or lack thereof) time to spend on its beautification, and general life busyness, the place only gets spurts of tender loving care.

This weekend, dear readers, my husband and I had one of those spurts.

Our home faces North.  The shaded beds right up against the house dictates limited variation in landscaping, and yet provides a cool resting spot for our two dogs.

Now I love my dogs.  Luky and Matty are excellent companions to our family, and 'guard' our property quite efficiently.

But did I mention that they rest, s-p-r-a-w-l all over the beds and atop the plants?

Well they do.

To the right of the entry I had majestic lilies.  About 2-3 feet high with lovely flowers blooming, and waving in the wind.

Enter the dogs.  One wrestling match between them and I wasn't the winner.
Broken stems and spirits, the flowers lay across my sidewalk never to stand again.
I managed to trim them down to stubs,
and dreamed of next year when they would emerge again.

But then my brother stepped in.  He graciously delivered a number of rocks and the idea was born.

Hubby and I transplanted the plants to a safer less trampled bed, and begun the transformation.

One rock, two rock, three rock, more.

Very slowly I directed placement and Hubby maneuvered the rock formations.

Carefully the front entry was taking on a new personality.

We divided a Hosta in two and planted a 1/2 on each side of the entry.

We gave the Hosta a good drink and hosed down the sidewalk, and it was finished.

My front entry rocks!

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  1. What a great idea Lori...and it looks so natural. I love it!



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