Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Day in November

 The leaves are falling and many have been dried by the sun already.  Hubby used his fancy machine and blew them into what wildly resembles neat piles.  The piles go far in helping in the relative ease of picking them up ... one day.

 Here is a great shot of my lens cover ... and some leaves all in a row

 This tree was given to us a few years ago.  Not sure what kind of tree it is, but its bark peels away as it grows.  I rather like it.
 Another friend gave us these three maple trees years and years ago when they were just twigs.  I  L-O-V-E how they display this brilliant colour variation every year.

 Amongst the beauty always lurks some villainous bramble.  I'll have to remember to scale it back with shears before it takes over.
 Mattie, one of our dogs, must have dug under the fence in search of some furry creature living in the ditch.   I wonder if she was successful in her attempt in finding him.

And finally the first barrel of fallen leaves.  Lots of work, but the rewards are rich compost in the spring.

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