Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Pressure Washer

On Saturday, Hubby opened an early Christmas present:
A brand new Honda 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

 He is thrilled.  For years we have used a small pressure washer that only had a few more 'pounds per square inch' force than a trickle out of a  common garden hose.  Not very efficient.

This was the year for the step up in pressure washers ... and early December was the exact time.

 This was such a monumental time that Hubby actually took a few moments
and READ the assembly instructions!  I had to get a picture of that.

 He removed all the parts out of the box, and assembled the power washer in record time

 Outside we went and prepared to rid the front sidewalks of years of green slime

 With miles of hose, he began his slim-ridding journey

Oh what a wonderful life is lead with proper tools and white cement sidewalks!

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