Sunday, December 26, 2010

So That Was Christmas

The calendar on the wall shows me that Christmas is over for 2010.  Without going into all the sad details, I think that our family ... well ... we frankly missed it.

So much so that we have collectively decided to unthaw the 'bird' and have a Christmas dinner in January.  Also next month we will have the annual 'making of the gingerbread houses' and even the soon to be traditional 'making of the caramel apples', AND we will have a five hour presentation of our old family slides!!!  Something to look forward too ... for sure

Enough said ... on with what we did fit in to this Christmas season. 

One of the blessed highlights, for sure, was the Christmas Eve service at our church.  A collection of many talented people singing, playing instruments and reciting scripture and the occasional inspirational story.  Above is a snap shot of Dreamer and Johnnie-Girl as they belted it out in perfect harmony.
I was so proud ...

My friend, KaYo spoiled our family with a beautiful calendar and a box of Purdys chocolates.

There has been a lot of eating ... Dreamer and her boyfriend, Dan the Man,
forked it down during one of our many hurried dinners.

Johnnie-Girl went all wide eyed here as she poured back another one ...
Crystal Light drink, that is!
 I thought that this was a weird shot of Dan the Man.

Here Dreamer is trying to teach Dan the Man how to play the simple tune "Heart and Soul".
He was getting pretty good at it too.

And finally us girls decided that Dan the Man's tie needed a little alteration.
What is it with men and stupid cartoon ties anyways?

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