Monday, January 24, 2011

Chilliwack Car Wash

One of my favourite things
is going through a car wash
... I know ... weird, huh?

Simple things for
simple minds I guess

During a 'road trip' to Chilliwack, we found this carwash.  And because we found ourselves in a very dirty car, we followed the herd and entered the shoot.

 As  a side note, we ventured to Chilliwack to check out their thrift stores.
I had a list of stops, their addresses and a trusty GPS to get us there!

 We had about a 20 minute wait ... if you can believe it ... to get suds-ed
and so I snapped a few pictures to keep entertained

 Check this out ... Cloth Towel to wipe down the inside of your car
Armor All to nourish your interior dash et cetera
and Air Fresheners ... one vanilla scented
and the other New Car Scent ... CRAZY!

 We insert our credit card in the rusted out WashWorld payment machine

 We look on as the truck in front of  us vanishes in the mist and spray

 On a very cold winter January day, it is a wonder that we desire water to be any where near our vehicles.
I didn't get a picture, but there were icicles outside the car wash on other buildings

 Suds-ed down and then ... I lost interest in him

 Here is us when we entered the washing machine

Such cool patterns

Like watching a monsoon-type storm from the safety of your car

 And then the peace that follows a storm ... with the back-drop of the clear mountains

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