Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dan the Man Turns 30

Dreamer's boyfriend, Dan the Man had a milestone birthday the end of December.
He turned 30
In honour of the special event, she gave him a surprise birthday party.
The theme was Senior Retirement Home and yep, it was a costumed affair.

JeBe was one of my favourites.
His cotton and icing sugared beard and eye brows
completely changed his youthful looks.

KriBa looked older, but her lovely skin gave her age away.

Girlfriend and Genius had terrific outfits,
complete with hunched backs, walker and grayed hair.

We served easily digested food for the dinner, and topped it off with cupcakes.

We had to serve easily digested food as we all know that seniors don't have any teeth!

The night was a great success,
but, alas, Dan the Man ... being an old man of 30 ...
got tuckered out after all the excitement.

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