Monday, January 3, 2011

White Rock Walk

During the brisk, cool temperatures of winter, Hubby and I ventured out to White Rock Beach.
Years and years ago ... even before my time ... folks used to take the train out to White Rock to enjoy the peaceful ocean shores and beautiful scenery.

 Although still relatively peaceful, and still beautiful, there are quite a few more visitors
and shops and restaurants and residents.
 You ignore everyone else, and enjoy a nice walk along the well traveled sidewalks
and out to the pier.

 The pier has been here a long time!

 Halfway down the pier, I catch a shot of the official "White Rock".
The whiteness is attributed to a few coats of paint,
but the question remains ... How did it get there?

 I am a sucker for pictures of textures, and the ripples of the low tide beaches caught my eye

 Back on the shore, the sun is shining on some of the residences and bouncing off of the ocean

 A sea gull takes a bath in the icy waters

 On the pier, we spy a few crab appendages.  Sure to be a treat for a sea gull when it is discovered.

 A few lucky ones are allowed to moor their sail crafts along the breakwater off of the pier.

 The breakwater is a beautiful sight just on its own.

 Hard to believe that the shoreline was just walking trails and trees at one time.

 A female sea gull stood a long time posing for me as I shot about 30 pictures.

 The male counterpart was upset that I had no food offering for him and his female.

 Quickly the sun went down as we returned from our pier walk.

And finally a glimpse of the cement pavers,
purchased by individuals in honour of loved ones,
that line the sidewalks along the shore.
Rather a neat idea ... I thought.


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