Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Western Heritage Inn

A couple of times during the year, hubby and I head about 10 or 15 minutes south and check in to the Best Western Heritage Inn in Bellingham, Washington.  For those of you that don't know, if you stay in the USA for 48 hours, you are permitted to bring $400 each worth of merchandise and not pay duty.  That equals big savings for us.
Because we crossed the border at 6:30 pm ... 3 hours AFTER we had hoped to cross ... we were rather peckish.  The extra 10 minutes to Bellingham seemed too far to travel before we could eat, so we drove up  and down the main street of the little town of Lynden.
It was Friday night
and we couldn't believe that the whole town was asleep!

But lucky for us, a strip mall had one shop open ... the Fairway Cafe.  If you are in the neighborhood, check it out.  Big portions and friendly service.

Lynden is a Dutch community and so it is no surprise to see windmills spotted here and there throughout the town.
This one is lighted up and acts as a landmark for the the mall area.

After a hearty meal, we drive a few more minutes south and find our hotel.  You would think that after the 10 or so times we have stayed  at this hotel, I would have taken pictures of the pretty heritage exterior ... but no ... completely forgot again.

There's always tomorrow.

Each room has a handy mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker.  We always bring bottled water while traveling and pick up a few items of fruit for snacks.  I like to keep things cold in the fridge.

 Of course the room features a big flat screen TV, and we checked out a few DVD from the check in desk.  They even supplied microwave popcorn to make movie watching that much more fun.

 Nice desk for your lap top with wireless connection.  Don't you love the picture on the wall?
Now there is grand entrance I would like in my home!

 The restroom was nice. 
We so enjoyed the large shower.
At some time they must have removed a dated bathtub and lined the area with tile.  Good idea.

And finally the personal toiletries.  Quality ones too.  Call me cheap ...  YOU'RE CHEAP ... but I take home the unused soaps and shampoos.  I keep a basket of such items at home to share with guests that forgot theirs.

Works for me.

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