Friday, February 4, 2011

Mooning Required

For the past few weeks I have been having great difficulty with a pinching pain in my right leg.  It starts in my 'behind' ... (can I use that word in a blog?) and circles around my leg and ends on the bottom of my foot.
Ouch Big Time
Through some internet research by myself, I believe that I am having trouble with my sciatic nerve.  Apparently it is the longest and widest nerve in the human body.

The pain is there when I sit, when I lay down, when I walk .... ouch ouch ouch ... and I can't seem to relieve it.  

Friends and hubby suggested that I visit a massage therapist.  And after putting it off for some time, I called this morning and luckily got in today.  The health clinic recommended not to see a massage therapist but rather a chiropractor.

Now the first and last time I have EVER gone to a chiropractor was about 30 years ago.  It was a scary and very painful experience.  Although I don't even remember why I went there then, I do remember the sheer pain and the cracking of bones ... my bones.

The receptionist I talked with today, however, assured me that times have changed.
With fear and trepidation, I enter the health clinic. 

The chiropractor is young ... about 35 ... but has a genuine smile.  He was gentle and apologized for any pain he gave me all while explaining that he WILL get me better.

For modesty sake he gave me a large pair of stretchy shorts to put on.  They helped to calm me down for the first while, but then he had to 'drop my drawers' exposing one 'cheek' to administer massage and then put on these electrodes (?) to stimulate the muscle.  The electrodes felt good and then bad and then good and then bad as it buzzed away.  Did I mention the need for a giant ice pack on my gluteus maximus?  It was an experience for sure.

I go back to see him on Monday.

Despite the mooning requirement, I want to get relief.

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