Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not My Dog!

A dog's life can get in the way of its master's life, can't it? I know from a bit of experience with dogs. For most of the last 12 or so years we have had four dogs joined by a leash to our family circle. Most times have been good. Some not so much.

Today, it is pouring rain outside and I am sympathetic to my present two dogs, Matty and Luky. I don't cherish the idea of having big dogs inside my house, but I know it is beneficial in the Dog / Master bond. Today is one of those bonding times.
I go about my regular business
and they do more or less what dogs do best:


While I am at the computer emailing friends and looking up recipes, Matty, our one year old, totters off. She returns with a sock in her mouth that belongs to the 'Genius'. Now as much as I love my dogs and know that they are very smart, Matty isn't THAT talented. She did not open his drawer and carefully select a lone sock. Dogs don't have opposable digits. The answer, my friend, is that my son, the 'Genius', has a different system for storing his clothing.

His motto: "Wear and Toss"

God still loves him (and so do I) but his room's mess makes a tornado look like a summer's breeze.

Now back to the problem at hand: Matty with incriminating sock in her mouth. I correct her, retrieve the sock, and throw it back into his room.

Instant replay. I am on the telephone chatting with a friend. Matty seems so pleased as she brings the sock to me the second time. I guess it is like a game of catch to her. I couldn't deal with it then (remember I'm on the telephone), so I flash her a mean glance, and continue on with my conversation. She twirls around and lays down on the floor beside me ~ * ~ Nice doggy ~ * ~

Well, you guessed it. That twirl was the fatal turn of events. Oblivious to her actions (remember I was engrossed in conversation), she proceeded to rip and shred her prize. Uh oh. Funny how life is like that sometimes, isn't it? Chalk it up to another valuable lesson learned and just move on.

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