Saturday, January 30, 2010

Genius' Ensuite - Before

Today the weather has turned to rain. Although Saturday is generally
slotted for work out of doors, today is a forced exception.
At the breakfast table, Hubby declares that today is the day ...
Thus the painting of our son's ensuite bathroom

Despite the sorrowful out-dated-ness of the
sponged painting technique
... and not to down play the total wrongness
of the bronze accents ...
Genius has been a pretty fortunate young man over the years

When we renovated our place almost 15 years ago
changing it from a basement entry home to a two story home,
Genius became the proud owner of
the master bedroom and two piece ensuite.
Pretty awesome for an eight year old.

Back then dark green and sponged was in.
Now it's not ... Time for a change.

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