Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moon Rocks

Life is generally pretty steady and predictable around our place. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing bizarre.

But then out of the blue ... maybe literally out of the wild blue yonder you hear about ... maybe even straight out of outer space itself ... come these moon rocks.

Brought to us by aliens ... possibly ... You never know ... but wonder ...
Could it be???

Then you take another look, maybe a little further away. It almost looks as if the aliens are neat ... and tidy ... about their placement of their moon rock specimens.

And then with another inquiring look, you sigh a sort of relief. No aliens, no moon rocks. Only the calcified remains of rock extracted from the depths of Genius' dismantled salt water fish tank. Not as interesting a find as moon rock, but I am certain that I am the only one on the street that can claim ownership of such a find.
What's in your neighbourhood?


  1. Chris says congrats to Johnnie-Girl! Way to go! Hi to all!

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if the bottom of my car will erode due to parking on top of these piles of salt.


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