Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Genius' Ensuite - After

Well, Genius' ensuite is finished. It was actually finished the next day, but I have failed to get pictures for almost a month. A MONTH. How can that be? I suppose ... simply and honestly ... other things just got in the way.

The ugly sponged walls are now a soft beige or tan. These pictures didn't seem to capture the right colour at all. But believe me, it is an improvement!

A white toilet, white TP, white plastic trash can, and with the added splash of a white toilet brush. Our 23 year old son's genius ability does not lie in interior design ... but it works for him.

A framework of puppies is his only 'added touch'.

And a new light fixture for over the sink. A very small ensuite, but we are happy and it works. So much more appealing to the eyes ... and that is good.

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