Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tofu Not Fo Yu

So Dreamer thought that she would try her culinary hand with a package of Medium Firm Tofu.

She chopped up the veggies ... a mix of carrots and orange peppers

 Then proceeded to chop and fry up some yellow onions in a bit of butter or oil

Then opened up that package of nutritious medium firm tofu and drained off all of the liquid

Diced the tofu up into squares or rectangles or trapezoids or whatever turned out

Then she found a bottle of Bragg's All Purpose Seasoning.  It contains only liquid soy but it far surpasses your expectations of a regular soy sauce.

I see that at this point in the recipe I have the order a bit muddled.  I am trying to be fancy with this post by alternating the pictures right left right left right left.  It doesn't take much to confuse a middle-ager like me. Bear with me ... besides remember the name of this post TOFU NOT FO YU ... You will NEVER be making this recipe any way!

Here she added some chopped celery.
Don't forget to quick stir ... quick stir.

Remove the tender veggies to a bowl. Add the tofu cubes to the pan.

Quick fry them till golden brown on all sides. I remember that at about this moment we are wondering how tofu could even be categorized as food.
Yet we continued.

Look how happy and confident Dreamer is at this point!

The tofu cubes browned up nicely.  Life is good.

Add a little of that Bragg's All Purpose Seasoning.  For those that don't know, tofu is virtually flavourless and needs ALL the help that it can get in the flavour department.

Add in the veggies, quick stir, and what's this?  Another spoonful of Bragg's to make the tofu go down?

And a sprinkle of sesame seeds ... Ah ... steaming veggies and tofu stir fry!  Fit for a king, but alas ... it ended up in the dumpster!  Turns out that this family is not ready for the likes of tofu.
A friendly warning ... heed the recipe name ...

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  1. This is actually a good idea! It just so happens that Jaden & I love tofu and have some in the fridge already, so...we might just have to have this for supper! =)


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