Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let the Gift Opening Begin

 Hubby and I gave each one of our offspring a GPS for Christmas.
After many desperate phone calls to Dad asking for directions because they 'are completely lost',
we figured it was about time!

To Dan the Man we gifted a warm hoody.
Dreamer saw that we had them for our sub-contractors this year,
and requested that Dan 'needed' one too.

Genius purchased this domino set for his girlfriend.
Although the tin says Super Train, I believe the game is called Mexican Train.
Whatever it's called, she was thrilled.

Genius bought me this plush penguin.
It plays a silly Christmas toon while flapping its wings.
Just what every 49 year old needs!

Genius loves hard cover books.
This year on his wish list was the Silmarillion by Tolkien.

To his girlfriend we gave a Christian day planner as we were told that she works well with lists.
I also had collected many pieces of this glassware that she likes from thrift stores.
She was happy to get pieces that she didn't have already.

 Johnnie-Girl needed money for university text books this year,
so opted out of the usual shower of gifts, and instead requested CA$H.

After the gift opening, a little fun with the ribbons and bows.

Maybe a little too much fun ...

And, of course, lots of food for Christmas breakfast.

And finally a thought to remember.

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