Monday, December 27, 2010

Mistletoe and Blessings

 During the Christmas breakfast preparation, I encountered Dan the Man attempting to steal a kiss from Dreamer ...

It was evident that the mistletoe hanging near by had a mesmerizing effect on this young man.

But not to worry, Johnnie-Girl 'came to her rescue' and squashed his advances before they came to fruition!
Better luck next time Dan-the-Man.

Anyone that knows me well, knows well that I love to decorate for Christmas.  Although I do purchase new items, I find it is even more fun to find them at garage sales during the summer or throughout the year at thrift stores.  Just as a tip I will tell you that I am purging my small, cutey-pie decorations and am rather turning my interests to the large and impressive.

 Basil, my 5 1/2 foot tall Christmas soldier, was a gift from Hubby years ago and still has that WOW factor as he greets guests into our foyer.

And although Christmas didn't turn out as I had planned,
my kids gave me this plaque that reminded me of all the good things that I can be thankful for.
I have many MANY blessings to count!

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